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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ek Nayi League

Ek Nayi league? What is this new league all about is the question that is doing round these days. Everybody is superexcited to see the Kapil Dev speak about Nayi League. Well if it is Kapil it has to do with cricket, isn't it. But he has been telling everyone that if you play with your heart you are bound to lose. So what is this league all about?

Well my intial impression was that this going to be a game show. But what kind of show you can have in which if you play by heart you are bound to lose? So I thought it must be relating to women, girl child, female empowerment. But again what is if you play with your heart you are going to lose?

I know only one league where if you play by heart you are bound to lose. That is our great stock market. They say you should never get attached to the stocks you own. You should never get emotional about the companies in which you have holdings. So going by what Kapil has been saying to the celebrities, Ek Nayi League must be a game show relating to the stock market or in the broader sense financial management. This is the palce for sure where if you play with all your heart you are bound to lose.

But again if you fall in love and love your beloved with all your heart you too are definitely bound to lose. The thing which you lose is your own heart. So I feel that may be Ek Nayi League is about something relating to the heart. Heart means emotions. A new league may be comprising of people who are emotional. Who value human sentiments and values more than money and for whom losing honourably is much more important than winning deviously. For whom the humans and their emotions matter more than anything else in the world. Yes we need to increase emotional content in our present day generation which values money more than anything else. Who considers that being practical is more important than investing your time and most importantly emotions in anyone. May be ek nayi leauge is about making these young men and women more sensitive towards their brethren who are not as fortunate as others.

To conclude Ek Nayi League is definitely a TV game show. Perhaps Ek Nayi League is a reality show. May be Ek Nayi Leauge is some thing relating to financial literacy, which is unfortunately not very common even amongst those who earn handsomely. May be it is relating to increasing the emotional content amongst the masses. But I feel it is a tv show for sure.

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