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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Your romantic fantansies will come true

Traditionally men went out to work while women looked after the household. Raising the children, cooking, washing the dishes, clothes, cleaning was all considered a woman's job. Though this mindset has changed over a period of time, still there are certain sections of the society which feel that it is the lady of the house who should do these chores, while the man after returning from his office is entitled to slump on the couch and surf the television channels for endless hours.

In reality while men work for only 10 am to 6 pm, women are on duty for twenty four hours. One study revealed that if the chores done by women (household, matrimonial obligations, raising children) are quantified into money, women earn much more than their male counterparts. Undoubtedly homemaking has to be respected.

But we should not merely stop at respecting the homemakers. We should go a mile ahead and lend our helping hand in sharing the load of household. Small things make a big difference. So in the morning let us start with folding our own bedsheets. In order to make the morning cuppa of tea or coffee one does not have to be masterchief. I know many men ( and even few women) who take pride in saying that they do not even know how to boil water. This is not a thing to be proud of. It is a thing to be ashamed of. Making tea or coffee hardly takes few minutes.

Just hand over a cup of tea in the morning to your female family member. See the happiness on their faces irrespective of the fact as to how your tea tastes. The very feeling that somebody is willing to share the household work lifts the spirits of the womenfolk.

Then of course everybody can wash his or her own dishes and cups. It will take few seconds, but it will relieve the burden on the lady of the house. Making omlettes and sandwiches is also very easy and can be easily done even by men.

Sharing the load will bring loads of happiness into the lives of all the family members. Women will be in a happy mood. Their joy and happiness will reflect in all the chores that they do. The mood and atmosphere of the house will be happy. If your partner is happy she will even keep you happy. As a result if you share the load there are greater chances that all your romantic fantasies will come true. 

“I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.” 

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