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Sunday, 31 May 2015

100 happy days - day 3

People think I am one of those intellectual types. Hence I do not watch TV. But the fact is I watch TV and love it too. Yes I do watch intellectual stuff on History, CNBC Awaaz, Zee Business etc. But I do watch songs as well. I like watching youth programmes on MTV and V as well. 
Even in today's age the value of the government run channel Doordarshan can not be ignored. Indeed it produces content which other channels may not dare to touch for various reasons. Yes technically it may not be at par with other commercial channels. But it indeed produces some great intellectual stuff like Aaj Savere which I love.

If I go to calculate my TV watching time it may not be more than an hour and a half on any given day. I don't watch movies on television. I prefer to watch them on big screen. But living in small towns I hardly visit theatres these days. 

Television helps to reduce the tension between the family members. It acts as a diversion and cools the family members during turbulent times. Though too much of television may stop communication between the family.

To keep the long story short watching TV has brought me happiness today. It is excellent medium of entertainment and education. (Mind you I have taken year long breaks from TV and I am of the firm opinion that it does more harm than good) So happy viewing.

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