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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Crash the IPL

Crash the Pepsi IPL is indeed an innovative idea where Pepsi has given an opportunity to ordinary countrymen to make it big. Moreover the advertisement with the most votes will feature in the IPL. What more could have been asked for. The sheer creativity which the advertisements made by common men and women display left me in awe. So I decided to vote for these ads. Let me tell you about the two ads which I liked.

Pyar tujhe karta hoon par pepsi pe marta hoon is one of the ads from the gallery which I really liked. The advertisement shows an elderly couple who are watching the TV. They have grown old together. They have spent their entire lives together. No wonder they have got perfect understanding. They really love each other. Their love has matured over a period of time. But when it comes to Pepsi, they are unwilling to share the same with one another. While the old man is unwilling to share a small bottle, the old woman has already stocked a big bottle for herself. Yes, this is how human life is. We are a mix of both good and bad. While we pretend to be generous, there are few things which we are very possessive about and do not want to part with.

The advertisement is very easy to relate. I know many elderly couples who live on their own. Their children are staying in other cities. Hence the elderly couple keep on finding silly reasons to fight with one another. It is this silly fights which adds little spice to their lives and most importantly kills their time which at times haunts them.

What I liked about the another advertisement, Living it, is the creative use of pepsi containers. It is sheer creativity that rules this advertisement. There is no story, no punchlines. There is no humour, no emotions. Just right use of the product, that too in a creative manner makes this advertisement stand out. It also shows that nothing is of no use. Everything can be put to use with a little creativity. Do it yourself and you have turned a heap of waste into a beautiful chalendier, stumps and what more. It reduces the pollution and garbages of waste that we see everywhere. Hence I felt the deeplying meaning in this advertisement too. Moreover the ad is asthetically appealing too. It is very well shot and captures the mundane lives of ordinary men and women, gives them a magical touch and makes them appear glamourous. 
“I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?” 

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