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Friday, 22 January 2016

Amritsar impact

There are some places which you can not call fantastico, but they definitely leave a deep impact upon you. I had the good fortune of visiting some of these places. One of such places was Amirtsar. I had seen it in many movies and tv serials. I had read a great about it in the books, including the text books. My heart always hankered to visit it. Finally life offered me an opportunity to visit Amritsar.

My Amritsar trip had a great impact on me. I was mesmerized by the beauty of Golden Temple. It is a monument which should be viewed twice – once during day time and another at night. Incidentally it has the same style of pietra dura work (i.e. cutting gems and precious stones in various shapes and using them to make designs) as is seen in the Taj Mahal. Golden Temple is an architectural marvel indeed. I remember eating the world's best aloo paratha's in the road side eateries near the holy temple. I did not know that even aloo paratha is cooked in a tandoori.

My mother is a history teacher. She has been teaching the Jallianwala bag massacre for more than three decades. She saw the monument for the first time on our Amritsar trip. The bullet marks on the walls, right upto the point where one could climb, show the vain efforts made by numerous helpless to save lives by trying to jump off the walls. The sight of the well where people jumped to escape the firing is very disturbing. With our heavy hearts we paid respects to the martyrs. My mother and me agreed on one point – a visit to a monument is the best way of teaching this piece of history to the students.

I also loved the the Lal Mata Temple in Model Town. With a shrine dedicated to every God that is being worshiped, Lal Mata Temple is a must visit site. The idols are decorated with colourful clothes and most ornate jewellery. Any person, who has a religious bent of mind, will cherish his visit to this temple forever.

There was one big disappointment too. Its name was Wagah border. I absolutely disliked the way the armymen called only women to dance to film songs before the actual parade began. People were killed at the border and we were making our women dance in front of the military of another country. Visit to Wagah border too had a deep impact upon me, but the impact was negative.

It is said that you should remember only about the good things. So l relive the good moments of Amritsar and wish to stay forever under its magical spell, under its magical impact.

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