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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Tales of 2015

Years come and go. But humans do not remain the same. Every passing year imparts every person an experience, which changes him. An experience which imparts him the wisdom. Today when I look back at 2015, what do  I feel? What has 2015 taught me? What will I remember 2015 for?

Firstly and most importantly 2015 taught me not to take life very seriously. People around, including those whom you consider close, will behave wierdly and at times even wickedly. Muddal lakh bura chahe kuch nahi hota, akhir wahi hota hai jo manjure khuda hota hai. It doesn’t matter what other think of you. Rather it doesn’t matter even if others are plotting and planning against you. There is a superior force which controls everything. If you remain calm and quiet all the things will fall in their place. You don’t have to worry about every little thing. You don’t have to worry about bigger issues as well. Just do your duty and relax. Relax more and enjoy more. Don’t take life very seriously. If you are peaceful and relaxed all the negative forces will just whither away. That’s what 2015 taught me.

I value every rupee that I earn. I don’t squander my wealth. I think hundred times before I make any purchase. I mostly spend on books and not on any other luxuries. But yet I think many times before buying the book. Should I buy it now? There are so many books which I have purchased, but I have not read. I should finish them first. Should I wait for some more days to buy that book? On line sellers organize special sales and increase the prices of all the items including the books which I want to purchase. Should I wait for the festive season to get over? So that I will get the book at a cheaper price. 

These thoughts run in mind when I make any purchase. I have no vices. I am a teetotaller. Books give me tremendous pleasure and a high which I can not explain in words. So should I think so much just for saving  a few rupees? 2015 gave me the answer. If I feel like buying a book, I should purchase it immediately. Yes I may get it for a cheaper price during the off season. But how much difference would it make? Ten, twenty at the most eighty-ninety rupees not more than that. The pleasure which I get from buying the book is much more than those eighty-ninety rupees. So I shouldn’t think so much about it. 2015 taught me to think about my happiness.

2015 gave me a new hobby -running. I was never an athlete. I was never interested in sports. But in January 2015 I took up running on an impulse. I am very health conscious and I know the benefits of running. I know its side effects, its draw backs too. But running drew me towards it. I ordered a good quality shoes and began to run, first short distances, then long distances too. I plan to run a marathon. But now that I am living in a rural area and due to my packed schedule I can not go to the big cities where the marathons are held. I cannot participate in them. But I am equipped. As and when I get an opportunity I will run. Running was a new found joy. 2015 turned me into an atlete. It made me fitter physically and mentally. 

With these new found gems of 2015 I march towards 2016 to make it bigger, to make it better.

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