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Friday, 22 January 2016

Thy impact

Such is Thy impact my Lord. You are there every where. I get up in the morning. I go out and see the sun. You are there in the rays of the sun. I walk to the garden. I see beautiful chafa flowers. I feel their fragrance. You are there in that fragrance o my Lord. I see its beauty. You are there in its off white colour with a hue of yellow at the centre. I touch it with my fingers. I can feel you in that tender touch. Such is Thy impact my Lord.

You are the one who is present every where. You are the one who stays inside me. You are the one which is earth. You are the one which is moon. You are the one who is in plants. You are the one life force which is present in every living thing, sustaining it, nourishing it. Such is Thy impact my Lord.

You are the one who is seated in the heart of all beings. My lord you are the one who is the cause of the memory and you are the one is cause of its loss. You are the essence of all knowledge. You are consciousness present in everyone, be it man, animal and all other forms of life. Such is Thy impact my Lord.

Why just in living forms, you are present in other forms of matters as well. Aren’t you the one who binds the atoms, protons and neurons together? Aren’t you the force that propels these particles to be together and give a particular form to that matter? Such is Thy impact my Lord.

It is your light which is present in the man’s digestive system. It is your power of assimilation. The fiery power which makes human digest what it eats. It is you whom I find everywhere. In the sky, in the space that goes up to the infinity, I see you. I see you in between the minutest particles between the atoms. I see you in even finer things, in the minds and in the egos of the human beings. For without you, there is nothing. Such is Thy impact my Lord.

Solids, liquids or gas. Fire, water, air, earth and the ether. As also the mind, ego and all that lies between. Are all but different manifestations of one single power called You. You are the one behind the bliss and you are the one beneath the sorrow. Only if the veil is lifted. Your true form would be evident to me and to all. Lift this glittering veil and reveal Thyself. For the magic is like everything I can know Thee only if you wish, only if you desire so. Such is Thy impact my Lord.

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