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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Peppy mornings

What is so special about mornings? Some may say that nothing is special about morning. The clock shows the same time. The sun rises in the east and we rise from the bed. We get ready and go to work. Yes, the same mundane work. Nothing is special about it. So morning brings nothing special.

They say so because they are oblivious to one universal fact. Like every other thing in life, they take morning to for granted. They think that everyday morning is going to come. Yes, morning will come for every coming day. But seldom do they realize that the tomorrow they may not be here to witness the morning sun.

Remember this tomorrow and you will realize how peppy the morning is. It infuses life into this dark womb of the earth. It brings everything that is sleeping to life. It gives you another chance to live. It offers you another chance to follow your dreams. It offers you a chance to live, without expecting anything in return.

I know many of you are early risers only because you have to catch that local train or go to your work on time. On the holidays you make up for all the lost time. You don’t wake up until it is noon. For you the morning is peppy only when you get to spend it in your bed without any interruptions or instructions.
But my friends you haven’t understood morning at all. Just get up early on the day of holiday that is when you have nothing else to do. See the rising sun. Now you don’t have to go to the hills to do so. You can see the little sun which your balcony or tiny courtyard offers. Watch the sky as it changes its colours. You will find red, golden and many of its hues. The colours, the life, the peppiness was always there. What was missing was your eye for it. Hear the birds chirping endlessly. They don’t have any savings or insure plans. They don’t even know where from they will get their next meal. But still they are peppy. They are full of life. They have no worries at all. They live just in the moment.

Feel the morning breeze. It will soothe your entire body and make every pore of your body peppy. Listen to the leaves as they furl with the wind. Its magical, isn’t it. The whole universe is peppy, because it is in syn with nature. It is living every moment with nature, in nature. It is just flowing in its role, without expecting anything in return. Can’t we humans learn something from them. Yes, it wont be possible to live 24X7 like that. But we can at least make a start?

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