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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Soul of music

Music is life. There has been wide research on the topic music. It has been scientifically proved that music not only affects the mood of a person but also his body. When we listen to good music our body generates good hormones, which not only elevate our moods but keeps our bodies healthy.

Scientists have even proved that we listen to the music since we are in the womb of our mother. A twenty weeks old foetus can listen to the music. Can you imagine a yet to be born listening to music while sitting in its mother’s womb? But that is what reality is.
A child in the womb can listen to music. Not only does it listen but also likes what it listens.

Experiments show that the child in the womb likes Indian classical music. It likes instrumental music more than vocals. It likes sound of the sitar the most. It is most responsive to raag yaman. So expecting mothers should listen more to music, particularly instrument music and raag yaman.

Whenever a pregnant woman listens to music, it causes changes in her hormones for the good. All the goodness passes to the child in the womb. It is said that when Vivekananda was in the womb, his mother attended all the music concerts. Sitting in his mother’s womb even he listened to all of them. Not only did he listen to them, but also learnt about them sitting in his mother’s womb. No wonders as a child, though he had not received any formal training in classical music, Vivekananda was able to point out the mistake in the rendition of one of the most renowned vocalist.

Not only humans, but also plants like music. Those plants which listened to music, particular Indian classical music regularly, were healthy and grew better compared to those who didn’t have any exposure to music. I have seen some of the large dairy farms, where there are loud speakers installed. Not for the humans but for the cattle. They claim the cattle who listen more to music give more milk than those who don’t. Not that sounds odd. But it is the truth.

Such is the impact of music on our live, on our environment. Sometimes I wonder where from the music emanate. Who discovered it? I have no factual data to answer these questions logically. But deep in my heart I feel music is the gift of God for all his creations. Music is one of the modes, one of the ways which can lead you to God. Rather music is God. It is purely divine. It enters your heart through your ears, reaching the brain and then the soul. 

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