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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Impact on handwriting

What impact does your state of mind have on your handwriting? Does your handwriting reflect you state of mind. Yes, I believe it does. I had been through a very stressful period a couple of months back. At that point of time my handwriting was scattered, at times sloping, the size of alphabets was not uniform. Every alphabet appeared not in alignment with the other characters in the word. Just like the state of my mind, they too were disturbed.

Slowly by the grace of God and my own efforts guided by Him, things were very much under control. The problems that I faced did impact me, but only for a few moments. In the next moment I would bring the situation under control. Practically handling all the situations successfully, gave me an immense confidence. My inner self blossomed from the bud to a fragrant flower. I learned to be happy, confident and unaffected by external factors.
I started enjoying the blissful company of myself. Even when the person before me tried to pressurize me in every possible way I was in peace. The sense of confronting the odds instead of giving in to the demands of the opponent gave me immense confidence. While I was enjoying my newly found confidence, I suddenly realized that my handwriting was reflecting my inner self.

Now my handwriting had gained some mass and had developed a good shape to attract the eyes of everyone. The alignment and the line spacing competed with the print. The alphabets and characters were no longer disturbed. They seemed to enjoy each others company. The writing in total made by its very appearance, its readers, including me, feel good. It looked like a well organised celebration of a festival, where all the words and characters were under control, rather in coordination with one another. 
I am very convinced of the impact which your feelings, moods have on your handwriting. I heard that there are even courses where they teach you to read handwriting. I was never interested in any such courses. A senior colleague of mine was studying hand writings in one of such courses. He had even asked me for my writing specimens. I had agreed to send him my specimens over the phone. But I don’t know why I did not send it to him. Anyways I was never interested in formally learning the impact of emotions of the handwriting. Though some claim it to be a perfect science. Now perfect science? Is any science perfect?

I some times wonder does the impact work the other way round? Suppose you are disturbed. What if you write something in beautiful hand? Will it change your mood? Does a good handwriting leave an impact on your state of mind? Try and do let me know. 
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