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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Impact of her visit

I had been to my friend Goraksh's home to help him in his preparations for the Master of Laws Examination. After discussing various Constitutional provisions we had a tea break. No sooner I had the first sip of the piping hot tea, the door bell rung. To my astonishment there was a female voice enquiring about my presence. Intially I thought it was Sarah, my mother's colleague and Goraksh's neighbour. But when the iron grilled door was opened, I saw my friend Jyoti. Goraksh invited Jyoti to enter the house and hurriedly ran into his bedroom to wear a shirt. Poor chap! He was so embarassed to face a married woman on a baniyan.
Jyoti told me that she had come to the adjacent school to collect her daughter's result sheet. However, the same was denied to her as the exam fees were not paid. She called up at my home and my wise Mother had informed her about my whereabouts. " You should have at least called me on my cell phone instead of giving a surprise visit", I said. Jyoti replied that she did not remember my cell phone number nor was she carrying the diary in which she had jotted my number. I handed over the requisite amount to Jyoti. She was about to leave when Goraksh offered her a cup of tea. She chitchatted about a number of irrelevant things. She appreciated her arrival at the perfect timing - tea time.
Goraksh does not have any female friends. He knows Jyoti as all of us studied in the same college. However, they had never even exchanged a single word. Jyoti was the first female other than his relatives to visit his house. Jyoti although a post graduate had retained her rural life style in all its form including the way of speech, dressing sense and mannerisms. I am sure Goraksh's mother would have got a mild heart attack by seeing her son's first ever female acquaintance visiting their home. Such was impact of her visit.
I was extremely embarrassed. The first thing I did when Jyoti left was to call up my mother and vent up my emotions. She tried to justify herself by telling me that Jyoti was in a problem, you were nearby and host of other things. "You could have given her my cell phone number. I would have helped her out. But why create a scene at a stranger's house?" My mother apologized.
The only lesson that I have learnt from this entire incident is not to be a very well behaved boy and never to tell mom where I am going.
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