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Friday, 29 January 2016


There are many things many people and of course many incidents which have a deep impact upon you. The incident may have happened many years ago, but it is still fresh in your minds. Such is its impact. Fortunately there are many such incidents, people and things which have had a great impact upon me. In fact they have a hand in shaping my personality as it is today. I have learnt from them. They have taught me not only with their words, but also their actions and at times even with their silent presence. I am so grateful that they have been a part of my life. I wish they are around me always in this life time and in the many other life times which I may incarnate.

I remember I was in my second year of college. I was a very bright student. I had topped the university with record breaking marks. I was excelling in extra curricular activities. I was young, just turned eighteen and good looking. I can not say that I was proud. But yes I was happy of my achievements.

There was a girl, who was a new comer to my class. Not because she had shifted from some other college to our college. But because she had failed. She had failed in the first year examination. This how she came in my class as a repeater. She was average looking. But she was confident. Never did she feel inferior for failing first year examinations. We became good friends. Her name was Vidya.

One day we had an off period. Vidya was going out of the class room. She noticed that some one’s book had fell from the desk on to the ground. It was not in the aisle. It had fallen just below the seat. Vidya was walking through the aisle. The book caught her attention. She stooped picked the book and placed it back on the desk.

This incident had a deep impact on me. I told her that I had learnt something from her. “What did you learn? How to pick a book from the ground?” She asked me. I told her if the book lay at the aisle I would have definitely picked it up. But it was lying below the seat. I wouldn’t have gone and picked up the book below the seat. Wasn’t it the duty of the owner to keep it carefully. Moreover the owner would return after the off period and he or she would pick it up. That is what I thought at that point of time.

But Vidya who had failed her first year examinations had taught me something. Such great was impact of this incident, that I began going out of my way to help others. I pick up garbage which is thrown by others. I clean the streets. For I know thou and I are not apart. 

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