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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Media impact

So it is Ranbir-Katrina break up impact everywhere. The media is relentlessly busy providing us with information as to what was the reason behind their break up. Ranbir’s family’s non-approval of Katrina. Deepika’s going proximity with him. How the couple was living in for the last five years. How they werely nearly married once. How she is back with Salman. How many buckets of tears did he shed and so on.
My fellow commuters in the train, my colleagues in the office, everyone is bitten with the bug called Ranbir-Katrina break up. Of late a new form of journalism lifestyle journalism is evolved and a new class of social butterflies called celebrities dominate both - the print and electronic media. These people help the print media to fill the print space and the electronic media to fill the slots. They are ready to answer all the stupid questions of “If you were marooned on an island” type. If they dressed badly, it becomes news; if they get involved in acts of crime and immorality, their market value increases and they get a trump card to enter reality shows of the Big Boss kind. In these shows they badmouth each other, use vulgar obscene language, exhibit all kinds of indecency and show how uncultured and uncivilized they are.
But still all of us watch these shows and are vocal about the qualities of our favourite participant. We shower them with all compliments like “Oh! She is gorgeous!” “He is superhot.” The judges on these reality shows find all performances rocking and all performers rock stars. These judges in most of the cases are on the downward side of their careers and get involved in all kinds of brawl to grab the eyeballs. I really fail to understand why we are so obsessed with celebrities. Most of the reality shows on air are based on their American counterparts, where the participants were common people and not celebrities. In my opinion all the wonderful people whom I have met on the journey called life are celebrities. My parents, teachers, friends and well wishers are celebrities for me even if I have fought them for innumerable times. It is unfortunate that while we actively state, rather at times even fight asserting the virtues of our tainted celebrities, we often forget to compliment our near and dear ones, whom we always take for granted. Undoubtedly the media impacts us. But is up to us how much to get affected by it. It is not that all the programmes on the television are wrong or bad. But it is equally true that those which grab more eye balls are indeed ugly and they do impact our lives negatively.
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