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Thursday, 21 January 2016


In this post I am going to write about the impact which love can have.It was a sunny afternoon. I came from my college totally exhausted. As I was climbing up the step I saw a dog resting on the third step. It was very weak and its ribs could be easily seen through his off white skin. The dog was bit apprehensive on my arrival but I did not bother it. I entered my home. I had some curd leftover in kitchen. I thought of feeding the same to the dog sitting out. My father objected saying that the dog would not eat it. I served the dog the left over tangy curd in an old saucer. The dog relished the curd. However, it was afraid that some one would drive him away from the face. While eating the curd, he looked at times at me and at times at the dish on the hope that it would never finish.
The following day when I returned from my college, the dog was there at the same place. He made a bold move to smell my hand, with hope of some food. I fed him a chapatti. Thereafter the dog started coming daily. He would come early in the morning and leave in the evening. He never stayed overnight. The most interesting thing was it never barked. The only thing he did was to sleep for the whole day. He did not even raise his head whenever any stranger arrived.
At that time our society had appointed a night watchman. The only work this watchman did was to make his bed and sleep the whole night. If any one came late in the night the watchman used to be engrossed in his sweet dreams, that he did not even notice the arrival of someone. Due to these similar qualities I christened the dog as watchman, which in the course of time got shortened to watchi.
Watchi loved namkeens, upma and all other snacks more than rice, chapatti. But his favourite food was curd and buttermilk. Watching was coming daily, having his share of food and sleeping. If anyone came to our house, he would be scared.
Slowly watchi was gaining weight. His old form was gone. His rib cage was no longer visible. He got a new fur coat. One day, at dawn, while I was still in my bed I could hear a dog barking. From the sound I could make out that the dog was barking at a distance. Soon I could hear another barking, though in a small voice. I opened the door it was Watchi barking in response to the dog at a distance. As said earlier his bark was slender, very much unlike the another dog who was barking. But I was happy that he knew how to bark. I was happy that the weak mongrel which had come to my house was transforming into a normal dog.
Soon Watchi became to bark. If he saw any shabbily dressed person or any person carrying huge load, he would run behind them barking. I had to go and rescue the poor people. Such was the impact of my love on Watchi. Love is the only language, which all of us understand.
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