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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Impact of thoughts

Give and you shall receive. That is the law of the nature. When you sow a mango seed, the tree that sprouts from the seed doesn’t give bitter gourd. It will give mangoes, sweet mangoes of the same taste which you had sowed. Because that is the law of the nature. No one can change it. That’s the impact which your actions will have.

Hence my message hold no grudges against anyone. If some one has hurt you, simply say “I release you. You are free. Everything is over from my side. I leave you free. I wish all the blessings of life for you.” Its a wonderful feeling to let go. To realize its impact you must try it once. With its impact you will feel tremendous peace. Store this peace , this serenity within you. No matter what is the situation you will always emerge as a winner.

Love the Universe. Fill it with your loving vibrations. Say I release the vibrations of love. I release vibrations of peace. Infinite peace resides within me. Ocean of peace resides within me.

Remember every thought that you have will impact your lives. Remember every moment thousands of thoughts are working together to weave the picture of your future. The law works without any error. The law never takes any break. Such is its impact.

So the next time you feel irritated and bad, take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes. Imagine the person who has done wrong to you. Imagine the good things which he must have done to you. Dwell on those. If the person hasn’t done you any good things and you don’t have any happy memories of him, then imagine that he speaking good to you. Imagine he is helping you. Imagine both of you are soaked in the light of the god. The impact of this visualization is that the intensity of ill-will which both of you are harbouring towards each other will reduce. Even if you are not able to forgive him, you will at least come to terms with the fact that he has wronged you.

This is the first stage. Once you have accepted him and his deeds, you will be able to think good about him. There are no enemies here. Everyone is made of the same clay. The love or hatred we release impacts everyone including we ourselves. So is not better to send peace and love through our thoughts.

So the peace, love you are sending is touching may people and bringing happiness, peace, contentment in their lives. You are a lucky soul for you have got the good fortune of spreading love, joy and peace. To know what is the impact of such good thoughts, you must experience it first hand.
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