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Monday, 25 January 2016

Impact of disappointment

We all have dreams, don’t we? We wish certain things happen in a certain way. We keep on thing about them all the time. We live them many a times before they come. We become happy in our own mental world. We keep on thinking positively about the outcome. Yet some negative thought creeps in. We brush it aside. We reaffirm that only good thing is going to happen. By good thing we mean the outcome which we expect is going to happen. We are happy and a little anxious too until that event happens. Sometimes things go the way we want and sometimes they don’t go the way we want. Both the outcomes have a very deep impact upon us.

When things do not happen the way we want the impact is depressing. We feel crest fallen. We feel disappointed. We feel sad. We feel unhappy. We feel dejected. Worst we feel life is over. We feel we are useless. We count ourselves amongst the biggest failures. Unfortunately society too deems it that way. The men and women who never made anything worth while will keep on reminding you that you are a failure because you didn’t live upto a certain standard. Now that affects us more than anything. Now what is interesting is that this impact though very intense, doesn’t last for a very long time. Slowly the impact goes on reducing and after a few months or years it doesn’t matter at all. Its like you were seeing a dream. You saw a Dracula coming to drink your blood. With every step of his, he is coming closer and closer. You are very afraid. You want to scream. But words simply do not come out of your mouth. He has come near you. He is going to cut your throat. That is when you wake up. You are frightened. But you discern that you are lying on the comfortable bed of your home. Slowly yo gain senses and realize that it was just a dream.

So what should we do when things do not go the way we want? First accept that the things are not happening the way you want. This will reduce the impact of disappointment. My Guru says that pray to the God “Thy will. Thy will. Not my will.” It means that God knows what is best for us. So if things are not happening your way, remember they are happening His way. Isn’t his way the best way.

Analyze what went wrong? Whether any more efforts were required from your side. If yes, work hard, eliminate the faults and try again. Not once, not twice, but until you succeed. This attitude will definitely reduce the negative impact. Rather this attitude will leave a positive impact on your persona and you will always emerge as a winner. 

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