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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Impact of past life

They say there is always a reason for everything. There is always a cause for every effect. There is no smoke without fire and every action leaves an impact. But how to find out the cause of that impact? Is it always possible to do so?

We come across many child prodigies. Some can sing all the ragas of Indian classical music, when they are just two or three years old. Some can solve Engineering mathematics when they are not even ten. Some can swim even when they are only a few months old. How does all this happen?

Is there any reason behind this? What causes this impact? Have any scientific studies done to find out the reasons behind it? Rather is it possible to conduct any such research? Is it mere luck? Is it mere gift from the God? Is it the result of efforts taken by the parents? Is it the impact of what the mother did when the child was still in womb? Is it the result of garbh sanskara, the way in which the great warrior learnt how to enter the mighty Chakra vyuha while he was still in his mother’s womb? Is it the result of the thought process of the parents when the child was conceived?

I strongly believe in past lives. What you are doing now, what are your thoughts today will definitely impact your future. By future I mean not only future of this life, but many lifetimes that will come. If you are angry today, it will impact your next life. You will carry forward your angry nature in your next life as well. Similarly if you are benign, loving you will carry this positive trait in your next life as well.

Like the nature and personality traits, you can carry your skills to your next life as well. If you have devoted your entire life in learning music than it is highly possible that it will impact your next life as well. You may be able to recollect all that you learnt. People will admire you as a child prodigy. Such is the impact. If you are enjoying solving mathematical sums, if you are working hard in this lifetime, it wont go vain. It will impact your next life. No wonders you will be able to solve engineering level mathematical sums when you are still in school. Such is the impact of devoting time and energy in something worthwhile. Nothing goes in vain.

So remember well that every action of yours leaves an impact in this universe. It is your free will. You have to do decide what to do and what not to do. After all you are the one who will be impacted with it. 
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