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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Impact of her death

Life is much more than coincidences. There is nothing like coincidences, I believe. But there is no any logic, no any reason underlying them. Such is their impact that they stay with you. Not only do they stay with you but shake you within, with so many questions and no answers for them.

Madhura was my junior in college. She was my mother’s colleague’s daughter. We were never great friends. She was just an acquaintance you may say. She no where featured in my memories. I hardly talked with her.

I had passed out almost seven years ago from the college. I hadn’t even seen Madhura’s face. But then too she crossed my thoughts one day, for no particular reason. It was ten’o clock in the morning. I was at home alone doing the dishes and suddenly she entered my thoughts only for a second. Even I was astonished with her thought. But I brushed it aside. The job of human mind is to think and it keeps on thinking. May be that was the reason why her thought crept in my mind. I didn’t take it too seriously. But there was more meaning attached to it which was to be revealed the following day.

The next day my mother called me. She told me that Madhura had died a day before in a road accident at Pune. She had died on the spot. After the call was over, I checked Pune edition of newspaper over the internet. I was frozen. Her date of death, was yesterday when she had visited my thoughts. Also the accident took place at ten in the morning.

Why did she come in my thoughts all of a sudden? Was the timing of her visiting my thoughts and her death a mere coincident? Was she trying to convey me something?

Her death had a deep impact on me. Yes, the human mind cannot discern everything. But there are certain things which are communicated to you. The communication may be in the form of thoughts, images or any other form. But there is something which is constantly communicating with you, telling you what is good and what is bad, loving you, protecting you. Your thoughts have a very deep impact upon you. Rather your feelings have a very deep impact upon you.

Still whenever I think of that incident I have got no answers to the question as to why did she visit my thoughts before her death? Had my super powers increased? What was it? Will I ever know? I believe in intuitions and telepathies? These questions are impact of her visit in my head on that fateful day. We communicate to each other through feelings. Only if little more research was done in this field.
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