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Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Impact is a simple word, but its repercussions are many. There are many people, places situations, books, films, songs which have an impact on us. In this post I am going to write about a person who had a deep impact upon me

Dr. Niruben Amin fondly known as Niruma. She was a gynaecologist by profession. But she chose the path of spirituality, first as a disciple of Dada Bhagwan and then his spiritual successor. This woman had a charisma. Dressed in simple white saree, devoid of any make up or jewelery, she possessed a magnetic charm. There was an openness in her personality. She was frank and straight forward in her opinions. She was mischievous at times, but never artificially sugary sweet.

People would come to her with their problems. She would counsel them in open satsangs. Once there came a fair woman with specs who complained to Niruma that her husband never appreciated her beauty, but he did not miss a chance to pay a compliment to her neighbour. She said, “I think I am not ugly.” “Not at all,” replied Niruma. “If you give up your specs and wear contact lenses, you will look even more beautiful.” She said. She even suggested her husband to watch hindi movies and compliment her wife by calling her chaudahi ka chand and chand ka tukda.

She was not a guru, she was a friend. Once one young woman came to her. She had lot of complaints about her six years old son. Niruma was speaking to the child. But the young mother continued to interrupt her talk. Her complaints appeared to be endless. That was when Niruma reprimanded her in the open. “It is because of you that the child his having behavioural problems. I am talking to him, yet you are not willing to keep quiet. I wonder what you must be doing at your home. Remember after all he is a child of six years age. If you can’t obey my dictate to keep quiet while I speak to the child, how can you expect that the child will listen every thing that you say.” I am yet to find another spiritual leader who can be so candid. She had nothing to sell. She just had all the time to change the lives of people with her words, with her blessings.

I wanted to meet her in person. But she died suddenly. I felt bad the day she died. First it was the shock of her sudden death. Then there was pain of not meeting her in person. Yet I visited the Dada Bhagwan temple and her samadhi. I realised she was never dead. She is always alive in my heart, in my memories. “You will live with love for each other. Is that a promise?” were her last words. Yes Niruma we will and we love you too much.
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