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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Whats in name?

I knew Asif and Shabira since their courting days. All of us studied in the same college. After completing their studies they got married. Within a year Shabira delivered a healthy baby boy. The couple had a very big fight over the name of the new born child. While Asif was a very big fan of Shahrukh Khan, Shabira was smitten by the charms of Salman Khan and each of them wanted to name the child after their favourite star. As happens often in a relationship, the woman -Shabira got her way and the son was named Salman. It was agreed that if they opted for a second child and if the second child was a son he would be named Shahrukh. The birth of Asif had brought a bundle of joy in the lives of the couple. But Shabira yearned for the second child. Numerous trips were made to infertility clinics and religious places, but in vain. Asif tried to convince her, that they had one healthy child and they should consider themselves fortunate that the Almighty had blessed them with a child. His words soothed Shabira, but only temporarily. Finally all the efforts of the doctors and the prayers were answered. Shabira was expecting for the second time. Asif had been time and again reminding her that if this time it was a son, he would be named after Asif’s favourite star Shahrukh. Shabira delivered a baby boy and the younger son was named Shahrukh. Little Salman was now in first standard.

Asif got a new job opportunity and the couple relocated to Bangalore. As happens always, for the intial few months we were in touch through the phone and the net. But gradually the calls and emails reduced and we lost touch. I occasionally missed the couple and younger Salman’s antics. I used to resolve that I would give the couple a call in the evening when I returned home. Like every working professional, I never reached home in the evening, but only at the midnight and forgot about the calls. Weekends would be only for make up the sleep deprived during the week days and nothing else.
I had a business meeting at Bangalore. I was to be in Bangalore only for two days. The thought of visiting Bangalore brought back the thought of the lovely star struck couple. I was apprehensive to call them. At times when people are out of touch, they are out of mind. There are some people who require friends just to have great time, to give company for movies and coffees and hang out. Once you are away from them, they find new companions and your company hardly matters. But there are some people who are always special to you and although you may be ignorant about it, you also remain special for them. On this positive note, I was determined that I would atleast give a call to Asif and Shabira. Asif was delighted to hear my voice and insisted that I should stay with him instead of staying in hotel. He was joined by Shabira and I had to give in. Asif had come to pick me up at the hotel where I had business meetings. He gave me a bear hug. I realised had I not given him a call, I would have really missed something very precious. After a drive of about half an hour, I reached the spartan home of the couple. Shabira welcomed me as little Shahrukh hid behind her. “Where is the macho man Salman?” I asked in a lighter vein. “He is now in fourth standard and has gone for his tuition” replied Shabira as she moved to the kitchen to make some tea. We all had tea and went down the memory lane. We exchanged information and updated each other about our common friends and resolved that we all should meet atleast once in a year.

During the conversation I realised that the couple was addressing little Shahrukh as Aman. “Asif what made you to nick name your son as Aman? Have you changed your loyalties?” I asked with a grin. “My dear friend all that I can say is that it is for peace” said Asif making a long face. “Salman was five years old when Shahrukh was born.” said Asif with a deep breath. I was in a quandary. “He was a child and it was natural for him to exhibit sibling rivalry. The attention of the parents was divided towards the new child. Salman was enraged not because of the arrival of new child, but because Shahrukh was a bigger star than Salman.” Seeing my puzzled expressions, Shabira stepped in. “Salman was jealous. He exhibited violent streaks. He hated the new child, because according to him the new child (Shahrukh) was more successful than him (Salman) and he could not take that fact. We had numerous counseling sessions with the child psychologist. According to the psychologist, Shahrukh was young enough to understand that Shahrukh Khan was a bigger star than Salman Khan, but was too young to understand the difference between films and reality. Finally we decided to rename Shahrukh. In fact it was suggestion from the psychologist to rename Shahrukh as Aman – peace. Fortunately, the name Aman brought a lot of peace in our family. Now Salman and Aman bond very well. Salman takes very good care of Aman when we are not around.” “This is the way we ended the star wars at our home” said Asif as we shared a good laugh like the good old days. Such was the impact of change of name. 

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