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Sunday, 24 January 2016


It was like any other morning. My wife got ready. She was wearing a sparkling blue saree. Both of us got ready. We were about to leave when she said. “I am angry with you?” “Why do you think so? I didn’t speak anything about your parents?” “Come on. That is the point. You didn’t say anything.” “What do you mean? Can you be clear?” “You didn’t tell me how I am looking in this saree.” “Oh! You are looking gorgeous my darling.” “I know you are lying.” Now I don’t know what is the problem with women. If you don’t compliment them, they have problem. If you do complement them. Still they have a problem. Indeed women are so difficult to understand.

Jokes apart. What impact does a compliment have on any person? Every one likes to hear good things about them. So obviously compliment has a positive impact on the person receiving it. Any compliment, whether genuine or fake, makes the recipient happy. Such is its impact. But the problem is when the other person keeps on expecting that you will compliment him. If you don’t pay any compliment he will feel bad and dejected. Such is the impact of giving and not giving compliment.

My question is that should we take compliment or for that matters what others say so seriously. Yes such is its impact that we do take it very seriously and it creates all the problems. Why can’t we just be happy with the way we are? What a nice impact it would have on our personalities. We wont be hungry for the compliments. We wont bother what others have to say, so long as we are happy. Why can’t we do that? Is it so difficult? Why we require constant approval from others? Facebook likes have very cleverly made use of this human need of being liked. That makes us feel good only for some time. After that we again want to complimented.

Let us make a pledge today. What others say will not impact us. Even if they say good things about us we will receive it without any attachment. If they have to say bad or nasty things about us, we will not let them impact us. According to a research more than 33 per cent of the time on any given day is spent on thinking what others think of us. Such is its impact. Now that is a complete waste of time and energy. We can devote the same time to doing something else. Something constructive, can’t we. Again we can’t be totally unaffected by what others have to say. What I am saying is that don’t let it impact you or your personality. Now impact is obviously more than a few minutes of feeling good or bad.
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