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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Music of the Mystic

Music is everywhere, isn’t it? When the wind blows there is music. When we inhale there is music. When I type this post, there is music in the sound of keyboard. There is music in the bird’s song. There is music in every life. There is music in every soul. But what is music?

Is music only about seven notes? Is music only about sound? Is music only about the voice that comes from the throat? Is music only about the sound which falls on the ears? If so be the case then our unfortunate brethren who can not speak or listen will have no any music in their life. 
I do not agree when I say music is only about sound. Music means love. Music means life. Every person who wakes up in the morning and vibrates with life has music in him. Even if that person can not speak or listen, if he is alive he has music in him. After all aren’t we the reeds through which His music flows?

Music is about liveliness. Music is not just about tapping your feet. When your heart beats fast in anticipation of meeting with a beloved, there is music in it. When you it skips a beat when your beloved plants an unexpected passionate kiss on your lips, there may be no sound from the heart, but still there is a music – music of love. It is the music which shakes your entire system. It is the music which you want to hear again and again.

Even in the river which is flowing without any sound, there is a music. Her flowing ahead is music. She is walking her path of life. There is music in her flowing whole heartedly, without any barriers. There resonates the music of her being alive and following her destiny.

There is music in the womb carrying the child. Not just music, there is so much of music in it. A new life moves inside the womb. There is a music in its movement. There are dreams in that little bud in the womb. They are both fragrant and musical. Now whether we can feel them or not is a different story. But doesn’t science say that we humans can hear only the sounds above a certain decibel limit?

The last piece of music I am going to talk about is death. Yes death, there is so much of music in death. Everything stops. All the anxieties, all the noise has gone. There is only silence and the peace that comes along with it. Now isn’t there a music in it? Yes of course there. There is music everywhere. You just need the ear to hear it. 

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