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Monday, 1 February 2016

Positive Impact

Ilness. All of us have been ill at some point of time, haven’t we? Well the illness may not be fatal, it may be simple fever, cold or stomach upset. But it does have an impact on you, doesn’t it? I have been ill for the past two days. I am running fever and a mild headache. I sit on my bed. The air is cold. Winter is yet to go. I am feeling the chills. I cover myself completely into my blanket. Still I am feeling cold. I have lost the appetite to eat. I am a foodie. I like to eat. But for the last two days I am not feeling like eating anything. Yesterday I had guests at my place. My favourite meal was prepared. Yet I didn’t touch a morsel. Otherwise I would have definitely gormandized upon it.

My illness taught me to be detached. That was the impact which my illness had upon me. Suddenly it pondered upon me that if I can remain detached when I am ill, can’t I remain detached when I am keeping well. What if I don’t let things affect me even when I am absolutely well. Why should I wait for the illness? I resolved whenever some one says something unpleasant, I will detach myself from him or her, the way I was detached from my favourite meal, when I was keeping unwell. Good lesson from the illness, good impact of the illness.

One more impact of my illness was that it taught me to value life. Whenever I fall ill I feel that I am going to die. I can see the death lurking around. Yes it happens inevitably with me. I don’t know if it happens to you as well. I also realize the cause of the illness. I believe everything is linked to your state of mind. So when I am having fever I mentally affirm that I am cool and calm expression of the divine. It is such a nice thing to remember God when you are thinking of dying. It is believed that if you remember your Maker at the time of death, you are relieved of the cycles of birth and death. Nice impact of you illness which everyone think as a bad malady.

My illness also teaches me to look on the positive side of the life. I feel happy when I am ill. Now that may sound berserk. Let me explain to you. I am feeling ill because there are cells in my body which are fighting with the infection. So having a battery of soldiers in my body which is fighting against the outsider carrying the infection is a good thing.

I thank God, for imparting me lessons about life. Such has been impact of illness on my life. 

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