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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Impact of a scented eraser

My neighbour’s child Arya came to me. She was in tears. I asked her why was she crying. She did not speak anything but continued to cry. I patted her back. The loving touch made her speak. She asked me if I had a scented eraser. I said I did not have a scented eraser.

Her friend was having a scented eraser, which her uncle had brought from Dubai. Arya too wished to have that kind of scented eraser. She went to the stationary shop and asked for a scented eraser. The shopkeeper told her that scented erasers were not available in his shop. She asked as to where can she get a scented eraser. He said to his knowledge none of the shopkeepers in the town had any such eraser. Yet Arya visited every stationary shop in the town in a quest for a scented eraser, only to be told that they did not keep any such eraser.

Arya was tempted by the smell of the eraser. But she did not know how to get it. She asked her friend if she could ask her uncle in Dubai to get one for her. Her friend said that she would have loved to ask him, but he was not going to return to the country for another year.

Arya was not willing to wait for another year. That whole night she dreamt of only the scented eraser. Even in her dream she could feel the smell of the eraser. Next morning she got up and was determined that she would go to the school only with a scented eraser.

She took out her ordinary eraser and sprayed some scent upon it. Suddenly Arya’s ordinary eraser had become a scented eraser. Her friends, including the one who had possessed the scented eraser from Dubai, smelt it. They loved its smell. They asked her if she had got it from Dubai. Arya said no. She said that she had prepared it at home. Her classmates looked at her with great respect.

That seemingly small incident had a very great impact upon Arya. It was her first task as an innovator. She had innovated a new technique to make the scented eraser and success in her very first endeavor had boosted her confidence such was its impacted

Soon Arya began participating in various science exhibitions. She would put to use the laws of science which she studied in her textbooks. She would make equipments which would ease the hard work of common men and women. So she prepared a water purifier using charcoal, sand and mud. She also prepared a pulley.

That seemingly small incident had a very great impact upon her. It is her small experiments which have made her a successful scientist today. So remember every small act has a great impact upon you. 
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