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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Impact of meditation and pranayama

By nature I was talkative, social and a happy person. The problem with me was that I used to worry for trivial things. Even if the water supply was late I would worry. If my son was late from school, I would worry. I would worry though I was blessed with many things. I was not able to enjoy those blessings in the real sense. Also I was a little impatient. I was thinking how to overcome these problems in my life, more particularly my personality.

One day my son told me about meditation. He took me to a satsanga for three days. In the beginning I was unable to meditate for a long time. Initial ten to fifteen I would concentrate. Thereafter my mind would waver here and there. Some unwanted thoughts would rush into my mind. But I was determined to solve this problem. Whenever any unwanted thought entered mind I would tell it to get out. I would tell it that there is no place for you now and then continue meditating.

Bad thoughts kept on creeping in. But their intensity reduced with time. Now they have almost stopped coming. Now I enjoy meditation. Nothing in this world disturbs me. I never get worried for any problem which crops up in my life. I don’t get stressed. My mind is calm and quiet.

Meditation has helped me to cleanse the body and mind. It has changed my life for good. Such has been its impact upon life.

Like meditation pranayama has also helped me. As children all of us would breathe properly. But with adulthood we have forgotten this vital skill. As a result of which, the ability to relax, which is strongly influenced by our way of breathing has also been lost. Deep breathing helps to purify the blood. When our blood becomes pure, the mind functions optimally and the heart manifests caring and gentleness more easily.

Meditation and pranayma I am relaxed both physically and mentally. Meditation and pranayma has improved me as a person. Physical relaxation promotes mental relaxation and releases emotional tensions and stress. Both meditation and pranayma has been immensely helpful to me. They have given me good health and happiness. When I am happy I can spread it to my family, friends and neighbours as well. Such has been the impact of meditation and pranayama on my life.

Forgive me, for I am unable to express the impact of meditation and pranayama on my life. It is something to be experience. But I can say for sure that it has touched me and my life in many unexpected ways and that too for good. It has made me healthy and wise. Such has been the impact of meditation on my life.
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