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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Impact on environment

Seemingly trivial acts have a deep impact. So small acts of ours can help make this planet a better place to live. In this blog post I am going to write about the small acts which I do to ensure that the Earth will be a better place to live. Human actions have polluted the environment. We have spoiled this planet which is a gift of God to us. It is our positive actions which will have a positive impact upon our planet. These seemingly small acts will have a great impact – they will preserve our gift for the posterity – the planet called Mother earth.

I commute using bicycle for shorter distances. I also walk. For longer routes I prefer public transport. Sometimes I pool the car with my friends and colleagues. Whenever I drive, I make it a point to switch off the ignition when at the signals. These seemingly small acts will go a long way in conserving the petrol in the lap of the earth. After all the petrol reserves are limited and not unlimited.

I use solar cooker for cooking. The food cooked in solar cooker is tasty and healthy. We live in a country which gets abundant sun light. I utilize it for the good. I place the dal, rice and vegetable in the black containers when I leave for the office. When I come home for lunch, my lunch is ready in the solar cooker. The solar cooker keeps my food warm too. These small acts have a large impact – it saves the cooking gas, which again is not available in unlimited quantities.

Even when cooking over the gas, I soak grains and pulses two hours before cooking. I use a pressure cooker. I take out refrigerated food half an hour before the time of its reheating. Thus I save both the gas and time of cooking.

Also I switch off all the electrical appliances when I do not require them. If I am sitting in the drawing room, lights in all other rooms are switched off. Thus I save electricity too. By the way I forgot to tell you that I have a solar lamp too. I just keep it in the sun for some time and it is recharged. I use it during power cuts. The solar lamp also recharges my mobile.

I even save paper. I store all the leaflets and other one sided papers. I use the blank side for rough work. Millions of trees are cut for making paper and I do not wish to be a party to reckless cutting of trees. I segregate dry and wet waste. The wet waste goes to my compost bin and I sell the dry waste to the kabbadiwallah. I save water. I use the water used for washing clothes for rinsing the floor and cleaning the toilet. I do not use the flush in the toilets.

These small acts of mine have a deep impact on the conservation of the environment. I wish you too follow these actions so that your actions too will have a great positive impact on the environment.
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