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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Bijapur Impact

Bijapur has always fascinated me. The main attraction of course being the gol ghumat. The fist sight of Bijapur is grubby and ramshackle. It amy let you down. But wait do not jump ot any conclusions. Your opinions will change once you see the monuments of Bijapur. There is the powerful gol Gumbaz, the majestic fortifications, the graceful Ibrahim Roza. The variety of mosques and mausoleums and the ingenuity of the waterworks. . Going through Bijapur I relieved the history. I become aware of its prosperity, learning, intrigue and architectural greatness.

Bijapur derives its identity and character from the Adil Shahi dynasty which ruled it fro close to 200 years. The initiator of Adil Shai rule was Yusuf Adil Shahi Son of a Constantinople sultan. He establishe his rule in the late fifteenth century. The Aadil shahi rule lasted until the Mughal Emperor Aunragzeb’s conquest of Bijapur in the year 1686. Thereafter it kept dangling between the Marathas and the Moghuls. Then the British established their hold over it . The monuments of Bijapur evoke greatness of its past

My mind boggled at the number of the domed structures in Bijapur. There are more than 50 mosques and more than 300domes.

The fort of Bijapur was constructed in the year 1561, on the cite of an earlier citadel called the Ark Killa. Up a small flight of steep steps is the famous Malik -i – Maindan, the most famous gun hereabouts. The gun stands on a low platform, ringed by the rion hoops atop the Sherj burj. The burj is called Sherj Burj because of the lions carved on its entrance. There is Upari Buruaj nearby. Once a Hall of Justice in the seventeenth century, the Adalat Mahal is situated on the outer edge of th Citadel. Behind the Adalat mahal is the magnificent arch, the Pasari Kaman that connects with the citadel. Built by Ibrahim II in 1589 Anand Mahal was meant to be a pleasure place.

However the chief attraction of Bijapur is the Gol Gumuz. Here you can hear the echo seven times. This indeed is the masterpiece of the Indian Architecture. “I love you.” I shouted and I could hear my own voice seven times. Perhaps the king who built this mausoleum in memory of his wife must have done the same way. It was his way of expressing love for his beloved.

I was totally impressed by the Gol gumuz . I mentally bowed its architect as also the craftsmen who brought the imagination of the architect into reality.

I felt that these masterpieces of Indian architecture should be properly promoted. Such was the impact of visiting Bijapur that I started a small group on facebook to promote the architecture of Bijapur. I wish soon Bijapur assumes an important place on the tourist map of India.
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