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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Impact of transfer

It was a nice winter day. I was looking at my loving plants. The plants were smiling at me and thinking me for watering them daily. The brinjal plants were feeling heavy due to nice green brinjal. The ladies fingers were offering me a lot of ladies fingers. There were nice tomatoes, chillies, cucumbers in the garden. On the other side there were many flower plants. The fresh scented flowers were welcoming me and offering a hand of friendship. I felt as if they are smiling at me. My friends and relatives, whenever they visited me, never went back with empty hands. My plants helped me to offer them bags full of vegetables of different kinds.

So gardening had become not only my hobby, but also a part and parcel of my life. I was happy and satisfied with my work in the garden, which gave me good health and happiness. I had really enjoyed the hobby of gardening, which I had taught years and years as a teacher in the school. I had understood the meaning of hobby in real life. In other words not only I had the theoretical knowledge of gardening but also practical experience of it.

Then all of a sudden I had to leave all my loving plants. The reason was my son had been transferred from here to a big metro city. His residence at the metro city Mumbai was a spacious block. So I had to leave all my loving plants here itself.

That night when I lay down on my bed I thought today I am leaving these plants. No doubt somebody else who comes here will look after my loving plants and enjoy the fruits of my labour. I even remembered the story of the old man, who was building the bridge after crossing the brook. When he was questioned why he builds it when he knows he wont be coming back, he tells “It is for that young man who may come after him.” In the same way I have tasted and enjoyed the fruits of the tree which I have not planted. So it is my duty to pass on the same to coming generations.

The second and very important thing I learnt was the spiritual lesson of life. Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our bodies. The new born child grows and achieves different stages at different times. The things are changing, whatever good or bad. We should be ready to leave without any emotions attached to it.

Even our life is the same. As we are transferred from one place to another, God must be transferring us to another world, when we get old. Transfer taught me these lessons. Such was the impact of transfer on my life. 

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