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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Impact of good company

Good company has a deep impact on every person. The company of those who have high ideals, who are positive, who love and care, who are inspired and filled with enthusiasm and determination to attain your goals, is very important to succeed in the quest for excellence. I was invited for the housewarming ceremony of Joti’s new house in Mumbai. Like the flashback in movies, my mind went back in time. I was back by many years, when I had met her for the first time.

She had come to our house for the first time when she needed our help with regard to the admission of her three years old daughter. She left her daughter with us and went with my son to complete the admission formalities. She was my son’s classmate at the law school. That was for the first time I met her. That was for the first time I knew her.

She was an average student. As a result she was dependent on the notes of my son for her studies. In due course she completed her law. She started working as a junior lawyer. But she wasn’t earning much. So she asked my son to find her a job in Mumbai. My son not only managed to get her a decent job in Mumbai but also arranged for her accommodation in a working womens’ hostel. She kept on changing her jobs for better salary, better position. She helped her old mother in her illness, educated her daughter.

Aunty just see the view from here.” Joti’s voice broke my reverie. “You can see the sea shore.” Joti continued. I told her that I was proud of her. Indeed it was a matter of pride that an average girl, from a simple family and rural area was able to purchase a house of her own in a big city like Mumbai.

She attributed all her success to Jay, my son. “Because of his notes I was able to get through the exams and become a lawyer. Because of him I came to Mumbai. By looking at his good behaviour, calm nature, enthusiasm, his positive attitude, I thought I too should be like him. This was his impact, impact of his good qualities on me. By observing him I learnt many good things.” Joti said.

Impact of good company is very effective. It changes the life of human beings. Nobody is born perfect. On his quest to become a better person, he becomes a good person for sure. Good company makes a person excellent. Company of those who have high ideals uplifts him. Company of positive minded people makes one think positively. Such is the impact of good company.
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