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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Impact of garlic aaji

We see many people around us. But we remember a few of them. Amongst these few, some leave an indelible impact on us. We remember them throughout our life, because we have learnt something good for them. The quality which we have learnt from them has changed us. They are role models to others. I met one such person.

There was an old woman coming at our colony to sell garlic. Since she was old, everyone called her garlic aaji. Aaji means grandmother in Marathi. Since she visted us daily, we had become familiar with one another. Though she was a vendor, she was a friend too. We would share our happiness and sorrows.

Once I asked her about her family background. She told me that she was a rich widow who lived with her son and daughters-in-law. She was happy with her family life. In fact there was no need for her to work. We know the proverb empty mind is a devil’s workshop. The old lady was not knowing the proverb, but she used it in her daily life to be happy.

She told me because of her long walks from her house to our colony, she gets sound sleep in the night. No any doctor had advised her to go for a walk. Her work of selling garlic ensured that she was financially independent. She was more happy in spending the money which she had earned. She would visit religious places like Pandharpur, Gangapur with her own money. When I asked do you visit these places in groups, she said, “Why I need any group? Whenever I have time and my hear wishes I go.” This showed her self confidence which she had gained from selling garlic on the streets.

She was always well dressed. She was neat and clean. She had set a time table which kept her busy. She never felt sad. I asked her “ Don’t you feel lonely?” She said “Definitely not. Why should I you all people are with me. Whenever I come to you, you offer me something to eat or tea. Not only you but all my customer treat me with love. So I never feel lonely or sad.”

She told me there are two types of people. “The first category look at the things which they don’t have. They forget that they are blessed with many things, which others will envy. The second type looks at the sunny side of their lives and I belong to this group.”

From that day I stopped worrying about small things. I started being grateful for the blessings of my life. Such was the impact of garlic aaji on me. Who says only the educated are learned? 

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