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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Impact of the rising sun

It has become my routine to go for a walk on the lakeside. I observe the natural surroundings of plants and birds. The plants change their colour and shape according to the season. Even the birds are of various types and sizes. But one thing I notice daily is the rising sun. Though I watch the sun rise daily, I am never tired of it. Such is its impact upon me. I looked at the Sun daily and join my hands as I have been taught right from the childhood. Since I watch him daily, I think why does sun never feels tired? How he is impartial? How he helps everyone irrespective of rich or poor, boy or a girl?

The impact of rising sun is a lot on me. I learnt regularity from him. I learnt his tirelessness. In the same way we too should be fresh and lively. We should learn impartiality from him. We should be same like him – considerate, helping to all. His helping nature is unbeatable. Our farmers grow their crops with his help. Such is the impact of his help.

Because of abundant sunshine we get nice, rich crops. Even in day today life, he helps us. Our clothes dry fast due to him. Such is his impact.

He is a great motivator. By watching him I feel fresh and energetic. The freshness of the morning is spread by him. The freshness of morning boosts my energy. By looking at him, l learn punctuality. He is new one daily. He is full of energy. I too learnt from him to welcome the day in the same fresh and new energy. Each and every day in new to mei learn some new things with new energy. Though I am the same person the day is new. So I welcome the new day with new freshness and new energy.

Another important thing which I learnt from him is punctuality. The impact of this has made me famous as punctual amongst my friends and relatives. I will be present at the place at the time agreed. The rising sun has been a great instructor in my life. He has changed my life and made me a good person. All of us should follow the sun as a leader. He is a good friend, philosopher and a teacher. Above all he is a great motivator, who teaches us by his actions. If we follow him, we will never lag behind in life.

Such has been the impact of the sun on my life. He has touched me with his rays, not only my exterior but my interior as well. It is impact of his actions that I am better person now. 

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