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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Impact of Mango tree

It was a summer evening. I was just loitering around our terrace. I saw a group of school boys returning from school. They saw the ripe mangoes on the tree, which was standing majestically on the road side. Their mouths started watering. They started hitting the trees with stones in an attempt to pluck the mangoes. The boys collected large number of mangoes and walked to their homes. I did not fail to notice that inspite of being stoned the tree gave sweet mangoes in return. There was no complain even when its branches and leaves were hurt by the assault of the young boys.

The tree gave shade in the scorching heat of the summer. In the rainy season it protects the people from getting wet. Not to forget it gives mangoes in summer to all – including those who throw stones at it.

The sight of seeing the mango tree and stones made me philosophical. I wondered which trees are stoned? The answer is simple. Only the trees bearing fruits are stoned. A fruitless tree never has to bear the harsh attack of the stones. I thought how we humans behave in our lives. The tree was my teacher and indeed I learnt a lot from that humble tree. We human beings are eager to give tit for tat. If someone loves us we love her. If someone hurts us, we hurt her. If someone hits us, we give back the favour, perhaps with some accumulated interest too.

But the tree gives back sweet fruits even to those who hit her. I feel we should follow the goodness of the tree. That incident changed me completely, changed me for the good. Such has been its impact.

Now even if someone hits me with harsh words, I do not reciprocate. I return those harsh words with the words of love and compassion. No one can instigate me now, for my remote control is in my own hands. Thanks to the mango tree my behaviour is in my control. Even if others are abusive, they do not impact my life, my response. I chose my response and it is always positive.

The mango tree reminded me of so many things. It taught me that there is sweetness within me. That sweetness which oozes out like the juice from a crushed sugarcane. Being sweet and happy is my inherent quality. Just like the quality of the mango tree to produce sweet mangoes. Even if you throw stones at the tree, it gives back its sweet fruits. Giving back through kind words and actions has become my permanent nature, just like that mango tree. Such has been its impact upon me.

The mango tree has taught me compassion, humility and thereby left a great impact upon me. 
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