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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Impact of the Grand Trunk Road

I had read about the grand trunk road in the history books. Little did I know that one day I would trudge across the grand trunk road and it would leave a very deep impact upon me. The grand trunk road begins from the core of the great banyan tree in Shibpur Botanical Gardens in Kolkota. Hence the name the grand trunk road. It was commissioned by Afghan Emperor Sher Shah Suri during his short reign that he commissioned the route.

Many believe that the grand trunk road is nothing but a myth, an imagination of the English writers. But believe me it is very much in existence even today. My drive across the grand trunk road was pleasant with the holy Ganges for my company. I crossed the Vidayasagar Setu. I also drove across the dock area. The dock areas is replete with its colonial charm. Such was its impact upon me that it instantly transported me to the era of Raj.

Then I reached Howrah. Here the grand trunk road became narrow and congested. It winded and became an uneven road. There were shops and houses on both sides and driving across them was tasking. Yet I was happy that I was driving across the grand trunk road.

Then I reached Bali. Soon Belur and Srirampur followed. River Hooghly swelled with the rain waters. I wondered if it would gorge the grand trunk road. I stumbled upon the wooden chariot at Mahesh. Indeed the chariot added majesty to my drive across the grand trunk road. Then came Mogra with all the greenery. There were sprawling rice fields. There were thatched cottages. Women were carrying fish and vegetables in their baskets. Draped in colourful sarees with the green fields in the backdrop, they added to the beauty of the grand trunk road. So many women, the beautiful princesses of various descents and their caretakers must have trudged this grand trunk road, I thought. Believe me the grand trunk road has the power of transforming you to the bygone era at every nook and corner.

Then the grand trunk road passed through today’s Jharkhand. There were hills, vegetation. In this portion of the grand trunk road, nature is at its best. Such was the impact of this patch of the grand trunk road upon me that I wrote to the Government asking them to promote tourism in Jharkhand.

Then the grand trunk road took me to Varanasi, Allahabad and other places in the Uttar Pradesh. I again thank the grand trunk road trail for giving me an opportunity to have a dip in the holy Ganges.

Believe me the grand trunk road is not only about the dip in the Ganges. It is a dip into our past. The past which did not believe in borders. The past which made give and take of cultures easy. The past which was tolerant and assimilated all into one country called India. Such was the impact of the grand trunk road that I travelled back into time and reimbibed the moral lessons from our great past. 
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