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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Impact of small actions

Rome was not built in a day. Every brick that was laid to form the foundation of the great empire has had a great impact upon it. Even the journey of thousand miles starts with the first step. As a result the importance of the first step can not be undermined. Rather every step is important. For it is like a flower in the garland. Every flower makes the garland. Hence every flower is important.

In the same way every little act which we perform has a great impact upon us. If we exercise daily, it has a great impact upon us. The impact may not be visible immediately. You ran ten kilometres in a day. You may not lose ten kilograms in a given day. But the impact will be visible in the long run. Better stamina, good muscles are the impact of regular exercise.

That day I was going to school. I always had a sweet tooth. My mother had prepared sweet puris, which l liked. I insisted that she should give me sweet puris in my tiffin. My mother deigned to my wishes and I had sweet puris in my tiffin.

On the way to my school, I found a beggar on the streets. He was famished. His stuck to his skeleton. Something moved within me. I took out the tiffin containing sweet puris and gave all the puris to him. He gormandized the puris. Yes I may not have been able to eradicate the hunger in the whole world. But my act had reduced one name from the list of hungry people. Such was its impact.

Small acts make the big difference. I always greet my receptionist Soozy by asking her Soozy how are you? That day too I did the same thing. “Soozy how are you?” I asked her. She broke into tears. She told me that I was the only person who asked her how was she. All others took her for granted. All others included her family members. That had made Soozy unhappy. I chatted for some time with her. I called her husband and asked him to take care of Soozy. The next week it was Soozy’s birthday. Her husband threw a big party for her. He invited all the office staff. That made Soozy feel special.

Many moths later Soozy told me that she was going through a rough patch in her life. She was contemplating committing suicide. In fact on the day when she broke before me she was carrying a box of sleeping pills, which she had planned to consume after the dinner. But I had enquired as to how she was. That made her feel that someone cared for her. She changed her mind. She told me that now all was well in her life.

So seemingly small acts have a deep impact. So do not undermine their importance. 
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