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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Impact of that Sermon

God is everywhere.” The Guru delivering the sermon said. “He is everywhere. He is in the trees. He is in its leaves, in its fruits and in its flowers too. He is in its trunk. He is in the birds. He is in the animals and humans too.” The Guru said.

I was sitting in the audience listening to the words coming from the mouth of the guru. I was apprehensive. But those words had a great impact upon me. I could see the God behind those words. I could see the God in the building beneath which I was sitting.

I was always scared of driving on the busy roads. But now I knew that He was everywhere. He was there in my car. He was there inside me. He was there on the roads and He was there in other vehicles and their drivers too. So if He was everywhere there was nothing to fear.

Such was the impact of finding Him everywhere that my fears vanished.
My new boss was very demanding. No matter what I did he always found faults in my work. He appreciated other employees. But he was always mean to me. He insulted me in front of everyone. But I always say the God in Him. Trust me, I never had any ill feelings towards him.

One day he asked to mail an important presentation to the head office. I worked hard to make the presentation. My boss disliked me. He had gone through my presentation. He had made some changes which I did not agree with. But yet I had retained them on his insistence. It was his plan that seeing the presentation, rather the changes which he had carried out, our head office will disapprove my work. He thought that would be a good reason to sack me.

My colleagues had told me about his plan. But I was cool and calm. I knew He was everywhere. We received an email from the Head Office that the project was scrapped and the presentation was of no use. The email specifically thanked me for taking efforts to prepare it.

Now this has been the impact of seeing God everywhere. The most challenging tasks were reduced to child’s play. Such has been the impact of seeing everywhere that I am no longer stressed about anything. I know that He is everywhere. He is within me. He is around me. He is everywhere.

That day when I had heard that sermon I did not know the kind of impact it was going to have upon me. But it changed me and it changed me for the good. I do not follow any rituals. I do not chant any mantras. But I see Him everywhere. Such has been the impact of that incident.

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