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Friday, 12 February 2016

Impact of cool breeze

That day I returned from my office. There was lot of work at my office. I was tired. It was a long time since I had my last vacation. I hankered to visit some hill station. But I was not having leave in my hand. So I couldn’t think of going to any exotic destination. The though of not having time to go anywhere made me further tired.

Dejected I sat on the chair. I was not even feeling like opening the laces of my shoes. So I sat all exhausted on the chair. The window of the drawing room was open. A cool breeze of air came from the window. It soothed every nerve of my body. I was relaxed. I could fill the chill in the air. That chill indeed rejuvenated me. Such was its impact upon me.

Indeed most of my memories are full of cold air. Somehow cold air makes me feel fresh. It rejuvenates me. I remember standing on the balcony opposite the library at Mussorie. Overlooking the valley, I would fill in the cold air inside me. It would be one in the sun. Sun would be scorching heat. But the air would be cold, perhaps unpolluted too. I would breath in as much air as I could. I wanted to etch that in my memory forever. So that I could relive that moment, so that I could refill myself with that air. Such was the impact of the cold air of Mussorie upon me. I keep on wondering as to why I wasn’t born in the hills.

But you don’t have to always go to the hills to get that refreshing air. Sometimes it just comes. Like it did when I came home exhausted and sat aimlessly. So does it come particularly in the late nights and the earning mornings. I feel that this cold air is a blessing from the God for the humanity. It cleans every pore of your body and your lungs. It rejuvenates you. I have experience its bliss many times. No air conditioner or fan can successfully recreate it. That is why I feel that cold breezes is gift of the God. Such has been its impact upon me.

Cool breeze lifts my spirits too. Many expensive gifts cannot give me the happiness which the cool breeze does. Even the most intoxicating drinks cannot give me a high which the cool breeze does. Such has been the impact of cool breeze. It soothes my body, my mind and even my soul.

I have fallen in love with the cool breeze. For what is life but a breeze, which flows momentarily and then vanishes. But those moments are peppy, when you feel lively. The breeze has taught me to live my life fully. Such has been its impact.

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