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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Balaji Impact

Whenever we visit any luxurious hotel, or a rich spacious palace it has a deep impact upon us. Even when we visit a rich man's house, the expensive d├ęcor done with taste has a very deep impact upon us. I visited not just the rich man's house. But I visited the richest deity in the country. Now you can imagine what a great impact the world's richest God had upon me. Yes, you have guessed it right. I am speaking about Tirupati Balaji.

I stood in the serpentine queue of the devotee waiting for their turn of having the darshan of the Lord. Most of them had shaved their heads. “Jai Govinda. Jai Shri Krishna.” They were chanting and remembering the Lord. The long queues passed through many spacious halls with thousands of pillars. The first hall had bronze statues of Kind Venkatapathi Raya and King Achyut Raya. Also accompanied are their wives and other great devotees in the form of the statues. I passed through several other halls and smaller shrines. When I reached the main temple sanctum I was speechless with the opulence of the hall. The roof was made of gold. Such was its grandeur. The entire room bathed in the sun light. Thus it was literally glittering like gold.

Lord Balaji stood of a pedestal at a height of nine feet. He was adorned with expensive silk, jewels and crown. He was wearing garlands made up of fragrant flowers. I was there before the deity may be perhaps only for a minute. Soon I was shoved out. The rush in the temple had rationed the time you would spend for the darshan of your beloved deity.

But believe me even this single minute spent at seeing the beauty of the Lord has had a great impact upon me. His image was permanently etched on my mind. I would just close my eyes and his wonderful image would dance in front of my eyes.

It was not that I won a lottery of million rupees after visiting him. But yes he had changed the state of mind. Such was the impact of visit to Tirupati. I felt I was abundant. I felt that I had all that I wanted. I felt I too was rich like the Lord Balaji. Never did I feel after visiting the shrine that something was lacking in my life. I had everything, this feeling dominated me since my visit to the temple. I feel this is the most important feeling. This is indeed a blessing. For many people are possessed with all the riches, yet they are not complacent. They want more. They are never happy. They never feel satiated. The God of Wealth had indeed made me feel wealthy. Such was the impact of visiting Him. 

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