Thursday, 4 February 2016

Impact of remembering Him always

I was sitting alone at the cloister. I wanted to meet my Guru. He had left his body long before my birth. But I knew he was always there. I prayed and prayed to him. Show me the path my lord. Show me the path. I cried and cried. I was determined that I will not get up from the cloister until I got an answer. I don’t know how long I sat there. With folded legs and eyes closed I prayed for an answer. I knew no prayer goes unanswered. Its effects may not be discernible to the common eyes.

Remember Him always came a voice deep within. Remember Him always the voice said again and again. My joy knew no bounds. Finally I had got an answer. I joined my hands and thanked the Almighty for guiding me. I prostrated before the altar and sat there for some more time. I was expressing my gratitude to Him for giving me an answer.

After sometime I walked out of the cloister. I saw a big bakul tree standing tall in the garden. It must be centuries old. It must have been lucky to feel the Master’s presence in person I thought. I went beneath the tree. The tiny fragrant flowers were all spread on the ground. I picked one of the flower and had a deep breath.

I see You in this flower. I smell You in its fragrance.” The thoughts surreptitiously came into my mind. I went outside the cloister premises. I got into a taxi. The car zipped past through the rural Gujarat. It was brown and bare. It stretched ahead indefinitely. I was all away from the civilization. Even in those barren lands I said. “I can see Thee in the barren deserts. It is all your creation. Your leela. Even it is You in the car. The human mind cannot think of making a car without Your wish. It is You who is here. It is You who is there. It is you who is everywhere.”

Soon I developed a habit to find Him everywhere. First I started doing it consciously and then unconsciously it became a part of my system. This habit had a great impact upon me. It didn’t result in any miracles. But isn’t existence itself a great miracle? Remembering Him all the time vanished all my fears. Now I feared none. I did my duties and offered it to Him. I never had any time to think about others. I was too busy with His company. I was deeply in love with Him. The mundane issues of existence hardly bothered me. I was floating above them, yet discharging all my duties. Such was the impact of remembering Him always. 

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