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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Impact of black balloon

I was six years old. My uncle had come home. On that day there was a fair in the village. He took me and all my cousins to the fair. First we went to the temple and then we visited the fair. There were many shops. There were many toys for sale. But my eyes were caught by a man selling balloons of different shapes and colours. Many children were buying balloons. I stood at a little distance watching him and his colourful balloons. I saw children buying pink, red and yellow balloons. I saw that black balloons had no buyers.

Then I went to him. I asked the balloon vendors if the black balloons do not go up in the air. I also asked him if that was the reason why black balloons had no buyers. He told me that the colour of the balloon does not make the balloon go up. But it was the gas inside it which made it go up. Then I asked him to show me the gas which made the balloon go up. He told me that the gas could not be seen. It did not have any form, shape or colour.

This incident had a very deep impact upon me. That night I kept on thinking about that man and his balloons. My family always said that I was darker than the rest of my siblings. They passed nasty comments with regard to my complexion. They also cracked jokes with regard to my darkness. They said who will marry me once I grow up. Nobody likes dark complexion.

That black balloon was an inspiration for me. Yes, I may have been dark. But it was my attitude, which was colourless which was going to take me up. I worked very hard. I was good in sports especially Kabbadi. Surprisingly my complexion did not matter on the Kabbadi fields. All that mattered was that I played well. I was appreciated for my style.
I was selected for the District level sports when I was in school. I helped my team win the first place in the competition. This incident had a deep impact upon me. It boosted my confidence.

Soon I was playing at the State level. No even those bickering relatives kept mum with regard to my complexion. But they had good things to speak about my sports. Soon I made it to the national team. I played for the nation. My team even won a gold medal at the common wealth games.

My game gave me a job with the railways. Such was the impact of my sport upon my life. By the way none of my fair siblings got any government jobs.
Indeed the black balloon had impacted my life. It had helped me go high in my life. 
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