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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Impact of forgiving

An eye for eye makes the whole world blind, Gandhiji had said. This sentence has had a great impact upon me. Indeed if we retaliate the wrong done by others then the world would be a dangerous place to live. No one is willing to take a step back, no one is willing to forgive. Everybody wants to fight. Everybody want to quarrel. Now no one wants to live in a world like that, does anyone? So what is the remedy. The remedy is forgivingness.

Initially it may be difficult to forgive. But yet we should forgive. Slowly it will be easier for us to forgive. Soon it will be become our nature to forgive. I don’t know how God is. But I am sure He is the one who forgives us all the time. Ponder over it. How many mistakes we have committed in our lives. There are many. Few of them may fall under the definition of evil deeds. We have been nasty and mean. Yet God has forgiven us. So let us forgive others.

The impact of forgiving, is great. The first and foremost beneficiary of your forgiving is you and yourself. Once you forgive, suddenly the burden in tonnes is lifted from head. You feel light. You feel free. Such is the impact of forgiving.

That day I was driving on the highway. A truck driver overtook my vehicle and abused me. I don’t know why he abused me. I did not even comprehend the words of the abuse completely. I just forgave him for his act.

Such was the impact of forgiving him that instantly I felt calm. My state of mind was not affected due to his gesture. My calmness helped me to concentrate on the road. I am indeed grateful to him. For he tested my progress in forgiving. Such has been the impact of forgiving.

The other day when I returned home, my elder son brought me a glass of water. He was walking with the glass in his hands. He came near to me and the glass slipped from his hands. It fell on the ground and broke. I forgave my son for not being careful. That helped me to look at the positive side of the picture. My son loved me. Hence he had brought me a glass of water. He was balancing it properly. But the glass slipped from his hands. That could have slipped from my hands as well. Thus forgiving him, helped me to see the real and the bigger picture.

Indeed forgiving is the fragrance of the soul. When you forgive a person, you are the first recipient of its good results. Of course it has a positive impact on others as well. It improves and fosters harmony in relations. Such is the impact of forgiving.
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