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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Daughter's impact

That day my little five year old daughter was very happy. She is a happy child. But that day she was too happy. When I asked for the reason of her happiness, she said that she was happy because at her school her classmate Rohan had allowed her to go ahead in the queue. Now for we adults this may be a small act. But that was the reason of her happiness.

This incident has had a deep impact upon me. I too started finding happiness in little moments like my daughter. That day my peon gave me a piece of sweet meat for he had bought a new house. I was very happy for him. People wondered why I was so happy. My peon had bought the house. I hadn’t bought the house. Yet I was very happy. I was happy because I got the sweet meat too. Apparently it may seem foolish. But if you are happy for small acts, then you will be the happiest person in the world. This wisdom is the impact of my daughter. She had taught me a very important lesson.

That it was my birthday. Had it been any other birthday I would have been very demanding from my family and friends. I would have expected them to wish me happy birthday. I would have expected that they should bring me an expensive gift. I would have desired that they should arrange a surprise party for me.

But as told earlier, the lesson taught by my daughter had a deep impact upon me. I was very happy that day. No one had wished me. No expensive gifts were brought. No party was thrown. Yet I was very very happy. I was happy because I was alive to see my birthday. This was the impact of my daughter upon me. I thanked her for making me a better person.

That day in the office my colleague took away all the credit and appreciation for the presentation which I had prepared. Had it been any day before Rohan let go my daughter ahead in the queue, I would have been furious.

But such was the impact of that little incident in my little daughter’s life that it changed me as a person. It changed me and it changed me for the good. I did not feel angry because my colleague had taken the credit for my work.

I felt happy. I was happy because it was my work which was appreciated. Like Rohan did to my daughter, I simply allowed him to let go ahead of me. It gave me immense happiness. I had a good job. My presentation was appreciated. I would get opportunities to give many more such presentations and I would get credit for the same.

Such was the impact of my daughter upon me.
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