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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Ujjain Impact

Tantra has had a deep impact upon me. I like the concept of Tantra -there is nothing unholy. Everything is holy. Goddess is present everywhere. I am always drawn to the seats of tantra. I have a deep desire of meeting a tantric, though I know very well real tantrics are both difficult to discern and find.

Ujjain has been one of the prime centres of tantra and astrology. I went to Ujjain on an impulse. I had been to Omkareshwar and plan of Ujjain was hatched at the eleventh hour. I saw a bus going to Ujjain. I waved hand and boarded the bus.

I first went to the Sandipani Ashram. This was where Krishna was schooled. I was so excited to step on the land where the Lord had stepped. Such a great was the impact of the very thought of walking upon the land which Lord Krishna had walked, that I was getting goose bumps. It was here that Krishna studied with his brother Balarama and best friend Sudama. The two ancient temples of Shiva stand even today. One of them is special for it has a standing Nandi and a lingam with snake carved upon it. There is a small temple with the images of Krishna, Balarama, Sudama and the famous teacher Sandipani. Even till date the students are initiated in this Ashram. Isn't it great to study at the same place where Lord Krishna studied.

I visited the famous Mahakal temple too. There were big queues for the darshan. Ujjain is known for Mahakal, who is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.
But it was Kalbhairav who has had a deep and lasting impact upon me.

I went to the Kalbhairav temple. Like any other temple there were stalls selling the puja paraphernalia. There were flowers, coconuts, incense in the baskets which the vendors goaded me to buy. “Offer the Lord country liquor. Offer the Lord foreign liquor.” They were shouting. I was afraid that I hadn't heard their calls properly. How could one ask to offer liquor to the Lord. That was when I saw that the small baskets contained a bottle of liquor too along with flowers, coconut and incense.

There were many devotee who had brought exotic liquor for the lord. The labels showed that the liquor was expensive and the lord liked whiskey, rum, vodka, beer and country made liquor equally without any discrimination.
I didn't buy any puja items or the liquor. I just followed the devotees who were carrying the bottles. I stepped into the sanctum. They were handing over their baskets as well as bottles to the priest. He was pouring a little liquor from the bottles into a silver saucer. He held it close to the mouth of the Kalbhairava idol and He was drinking it. The rest was given back to the devotee as a prasad.

This was entertaining for sure. But it had a deep meaning beneath it. Watching the Lord drink had a deep impact upon me. It taught me that there is underlying good in everything. For everything is creation of the God. We should gulp down unpleasant situations. We should gulp down negative thoughts. We should gulp down everything that not pleasant. We should accept everything as a prasad from God. Indeed the visit to Ujjain and Kalbhairav temple in particular has had a deep impact upon me. 

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