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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Sermon Impact

I was sitting somewhere in the Himalayas. I was seated in an old Shiva temple. The temple was very old. It was made up of stone. There were beautiful carvings on the walls, pillars and even on the ceiling of the temple. The sanctum was situated at a lower level from the rest of the temple. I had to climb seven steps down to reach the sanctum. In the sanctum stood the lingam of the God illuminated by the lamp glowing from the corner. Fragrant jasmine flowers adorned the lingam. There was no opening apart from the door to the sanctum. I always liked being in such enclosed places. They had a strange pull upon me. I wished I stayed in that sanctum forever. I wish I could.

After sometime I came out of the sanctum. I could see the beautiful garden surrounding the temple complex. I could also see the peaks of the snow capped mountains. I felt some was standing behind me. I swirled around to find who it was.

The presence of that person had a soothing impact upon me. I felt immense peace in his company. A strange joy was coursing through my body. Such was the impact of being in the presence of my beloved Guru.
Where have you been? I have been searching for you everywhere.” I told my Guru. He gave that benign smile that made me melt.
Son I am always there with you.” He said.
But Guruji, you appeared in here just now.”
Correct. But I came in this physical form just a few minutes back. But I am always there with you in my invisible form, loving you, protecting you.” He said.
Yes Guruji, even I feel the same. But some time the mind questions, particularly when I don’t get the results which I expect.” I said.

You are honest and I love you for this honesty.” Said my Guru. “Remember” He said. “Things may not always happen the way you want. It is human to be disappointed. But remember when things are not happening the way you want, they are happening the way God wants. God has your highest welfare in His mind when He plans anything for you.”

I was speechless. Those words were permanently etched in my mind. Such was its impact upon me. From that day onwards I became detached from the outcomes of my actions. “Your wish My Lord Your wish.” I would say. This was the impact of that small informal sermon which my guru had given me in the Himalayas.

As I became detached from the outcomes, I became calmer. As I became calmer, I became more efficient in my work. I had stopped running in the rat race. I had realized the value of existence. Such was the impact of my Guru and his guidance upon me. 
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