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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Impact of not expecting

It was a hot summer day. We were travelling since early morning. We were to visit our family deity in Kokan. There was hardly any traffic on the road. As we had left our house early in the morning, we did not have any breakfast at home. All of us were very hungry. We were looking for a decent hotel. However no hotel or restaurant was to be seen on the side of the road. That was when we saw a man coming on a motor cycle. We waived him. He stopped. We asked him if there was any hotel nearby. He said we wouldn’t get any good hotel in this stretch. “If you are lucky, you could get some tea. That’s it.” He said.

The journey was tiring and we wanted to eat something. We saw a small hotel with name Madhuban. There was hardly anyone in the hotel. My son went to the hotel and asked if there was anything for breakfast. He was told that there was misal and puri bhaji on the menu. We were hungry. We needed something to eat. So we went to the hotel.

There was no wash basin at the hotel. We asked for some water to wash our hands. We were given a bucket and a tumbler to wash our hands. We washed our hands under a tree. We sat on the chairs and waited for our misal. After ten to fifteen minutes we were served misal. We did not expect to get good quality food here. We expected it to be oily and hot in taste.

But what a surprise. The misal was tasty. It wasn’t oily nor too hot in taste. Everyone liked it. It was filling. Since we were hungry, no word was spoken while we enjoyed our misal. Everyone was happy and satisfied after eating the misal. We got into the colour. We expressed our joy at getting good food in this deserted place on the earth.

We had entered the hotel expecting that we will not get good food. We were told that there were hardly any tourists here and as a result hardly any hotels here. But we had met with a surprise.

This seemingly small incident had a very strong impact upon me. I realized that not expecting anything is the key to happiness. We did not expect to get good food, hence the tasty food had floored us. As an impact of that incident I gave up expecting anything. I would face every day as it came. I lived in the moment and enjoyed the joy which that moment offered. As a result there was all the happiness and no any room for disappointment.

Such was the impact of that incident from Konkan. 
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